Disclosure: I am an affiliate of the companies/services presented on this page. By no means does that imply that you must use them as well. They are just options that I might recommend. I will earn some commission if you decide to use the services as well with no additional costs for you. I would not recommend or promote any company or service if I wasn’t using them personally and if I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of their product

tsohost - affiliate offer1) tsohost – web hosting provider (CODE: WELCOME TO REALITI for 10% off of your purchased hosting plan) – they are based in the UK and they have by far the cheapest hosting plan I have stumbled across with just 20 euros/year, which, if you are just starting out and don’t have a ton of page views, can be more than enough!

In the theme of total transparency, they are not the fastest or most reliable, my site crashed once while hosting with them, but for such a small price it’s worth the investment. If you are starting out you shouldn’t be spending a lot of money before you even make any yourself (if that is your goal) and for that consumer group, tsohost will more than do the job!

2) Tailwind – if you use this referral link, you get one month free and you give me one month free as well, win-win! Tailwind is a scheduling app for Pinterest that helps you automate your pin scheduling. It also gives you access to Tribes of people who share your content as well. I have seen bloggers swear Tailwind is the reason why they earn hundreds and thousands of dollars if that is of any merit ( I still haven’t earned a dime but oh well)…

I am technically not their affiliate but I do get credits to redeem for their service if you decide to purchase a package.