Chapter 17- Being imperfect is perfect

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling somehow empty, like you lack something that you desperately need? Do you pray for it to be perfect?

Almost every day. That void is still there. Perfection is not to be achieved. It wants to be alone on the pedestal.

No matter how hard you try to climb it always goes higher. It runs away from you and makes you lonely on the mountain side.

People love to tell you that you should not chase perfection since it doesn’t exist. Those are the kind of people that have given up. But the chase, the chase needs to exist. That is your carrot.

Sometimes it’s good to give up, to know your limit, but only when you have hit that limit. That is perfect of a different form. Self-control – a blessing from the sky.

A few errors you make, a few flaws you have, some circumstances that have fucked you up… that should not break you. Embrace it. People are as imperfect as you, how ever they might like to think otherwise.

Imperfection is the new black or haven’t you heard. Everyone is promoting their flaws and mistakes; everyone likes to be a hot mess.

being imperfect is perfect

The time of perfection has passed. No one will anymore care if you have big ears, small fingers, an ugly face or if you forgot to study or made someone cry when you had a bad day. All of that is irrelevant. You are human. You are perfection itself. 

I consider myself to be the most imperfect messed up person I know. There are so many things that I lack that I wish I didn’t, like motivation, work habits, sometimes patience but most of the time common sense.

Every day I wake up trying to be better than the day before and most of the times I must say that I am failing miserably. The day before I make a schedule and a to do list, and guess what, most of them never end of being done. I have been planning to read a book a week since the beginning of the year and I am still on book 3. I want to blog regularly but I barely have time for the Monday post (mostly done on Tuesday) to even have time to write the Friday short story or the reviews.

I had time these last two days and I wanted to bulk up some posts for the entire week but of course I didn’t. Procrastination is the biggest imperfection, and that is something I am not proud of nor should I ever be. Every time procrastination hits me I be like Selena Gomez in Bad Liar like ” I’m trying not to give into you”.

Once I change my job and get a lot more free time I am going to dedicate more of my time to correcting my imperfections. Cheers to that, and lord may that time come soon.

At the start of this post I wanted this to be something meaningful and deep but after sometime writing this this turned into a confession type of post. Imperfection all around everybody.

At least I am sticking to the theme.



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