I do not believe any of this will be resolved

we have suffered for far too long, not knowing where be belong.



There is a thin line from hell and back

I wish I never had to cross it

you left me no choice though

soon I will be nothing but worthless.



So excuse me for my sins, I am a maniac

I don’t want to deny it

you took away my voice

and all that is left is just my faithless.



Is all of this too wrong,

or am I the one who has evolved?

One Reply to “Faithless”

  1. Sad, losing hope when life offers so much opportunities for joy,abundance,love. We always have a choice to embrace,to see the good,to believe when the journey is uncertain. Lastly, following our dreams means taking action, telling someone you forgive them,love them, and not wasting the opportunities we are given. Hope that you dont give up on whatever it is…

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