Not once did I ask myself beforehand

what is it that I am getting myself into,

It’s just my way to end up doing things wrong

my mind is silent, it doesn’t know any better.


It get’s me in trouble no wonder, but I’m glad

that I am able to follow things through

I always have something to add

it’s just a matter of if there is anyone out there to listen, though.


Bravery is not something that I think I possess

yet its most of the time that I lose my mind

when I do bold and crazy shit

no one is looking out for me, it’s like I am possessed

like I am drawn to be blind

when I need a good hit

on the head, a good slap on the cheek

everything I don’t think

it’s what I was taught I should seek

maybe then I wouldn’t feel so helpless, so weak

I need to stop playing with my brain, we’re done with hide and seek.


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