Is there a place, one can hide,

to stop one’s heart from bleeding,

what do you do if you are useless,

do you have a place to hide then?



Push my feelings, push them aside,

there is no room for healing,

what do you do when you are talentless,

but it’s not true, how do you convince them?



No one can help you, you are alone,

with too much time on your hands,

when you are sensitive, but it does not show,

how can you live with yourself, how do you handle it?


A long time ago, you were born,

but nowhere a talent, you need to reach demands,

whatever you do, you feel so hollow,

I’m trying to distance myself from it, too.



What do you do when you play hide and seek,

on the most important day of your life by far,

are you just bleached, is there a technique,

to heal it, or to just hide the scar?

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