Does such a place exist where one can hide

to stop their heart from all the bleeding

What can I do about it, I’m useless

do I even get to hide with you, then?


By certain rules you must abide,

a lot of them just a tiny bit misleading

tortures of such a road are tiresome and endless

all of the everyday grievances, you need to feel all of them.


because no one will think you’re worthy

unless you have something they themselves need or want

whether they admit it or if it’s just subconsciously

they can’t help themselves but to enjoy the hunt

there is no need for you, they’d say, we have no use

for one such as you, why do you even exist?

As if you’re not asking yourself that already…

So, why are you still here, what’s your excuse?

I was born without a talent, sir, I must have missed

when they were giving them away, I didn’t deem it necessary…


What do you do, when they play hide and seek

like you’re the disease, but all you want is to be free

Please, someone, show me the technique

to not be the subject of such envy anymore.



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