Now there are a lot of things I don’t understand about this damn world but I will try to keep it short, sweet and to the point (mostly because I am tired as fuck and didn’t have time to schedule this) for everyone’s pleasure.
Our list kicks off with:
  • stupid people – I will never in my right mind be able to understand how some people are the way they are. I mean, I myself am not the brightest person all the damn time, but I have seen adults twice my age behaving like they are toddlers, LIKE HOW? (and no, they do not have a mental disability)
  • sadists – why, just why?
  • numbers – I have always been a “word” type of person
  • haters – is hating a full-time job or do you do it part-time? How much is the salary? Should I consider a career change?
  • gravity – how the fuck does that work? maybe if I were I scientist I would understand the whole mechanics of things but I never really cared that much to even google it.
  • karma
  • wifi/radio/telephone signals – I just don’t understand how the system works in general, how are signals made and how exactly do they travel?
  • bad drivers – one of the reasons I will probably never drive is that I know I will be a bad driver and that bad drivers exist! The road isn’t for everyone.
  • extremists
  • the education system – I don’t understand you nor do I like you honestly
  • the need to lie – ultimately, I don’t understand what is the goal here? It doesn’t even fix things short term let alone long-term22 songs (1).png
  • the need to cheat – if you have so much free time to have two or more partners, just freaking get a hobby
  • illogical things – ain’t I clever?
  • life
  • anxiety
  • entitled people – fuck off
  • one uppers- and what exactly is your goal sir or madam?
  • people who are too open – maybe that’s my introversy talking, but I really don’t understand how some people can be so blatantly open. It baffles me
  • why we don’t have more time in a day?
  • why we can’t choose where we want to be born!
  • the need to be accepted – I wish this didn’t exist, it’s bringing a portion of the human race down
  • bitter people- why is bitterness even an emotion?
Like I said I have many more things I do not understand about people on our lovely planet, but the list should end at 22. If you have anything to add, the comment section is free and public, abuse it please, it begs of you.

9 Replies to “22 things I don’t understand about the world

  1. I agree with 99% of your list as these things have baffled me for years. All except the one about people being too OPEN. For I am one of those people that hides nothing. You have inspired me on my next blog subject for tomorrow. Thank you for that. I will attempt at explaining my very own opinion of why I don’t believe in secrets or hiding anything. So look for the post to come out tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for the read 😀 I wanted people to give their own opinions and I thank you also for doing it 😀 regarding that I feel like by giving an example you might understand better what I meant. So, for example I don’t understand how people can just share all their secrets or their thoughts about certain things, like hating the LGBTQ+ community comes to mind. I feel like you should def keep some things to yourself. Now, before reading your post on your blog, I agree 100% that you should be open about your feelings, how you feel, if something is bothering you, but like I said, keep some things to yourself, no one needs to know you had a booger collection under your bed until you were 20 xD

      1. There will always be things in this world that baffle us or make us cringe.
        Some things like what I bought my kids for Christmas should certainly be kept a secret until the moment they open those presents. However, everything else is just gravy. The reason people keep things hidden or secret is because in some way they are embarrassed or ashamed of it. Look at it this way, others may not want to know I had that booger collection under my bed till I was 20, it may gross them out. But once I own the story and share it my way, the embarrassment and shame goes away and is replaced with laughter at how crazy I was in a certain time period. Moods, emotions, feelings, experiences all change. It is how we handle them that gives them the power to envoke a certain feeling. Why not take that power upon yourself?
        I do respect your viewpoint of somethings being kept secret or hidden. It is how 98% of the world population feels. That is the beauty of life, we are free to be our own person and share that with the world. 😀

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