NO INTRO, just a neat list of things I look forward to :3
  • moving
  • traveling to Hungary more often
  • traveling in general
  • publishing a poetry book 
  • publishing a book
  • revamping my blog
  • playing more tennis
  • playing a pro match
  • helping others, always
  • doing what I love
  • meeting more amazing people
  • getting shit in line
  • being able to help my family
  • solve the “family issue”
  • get my mental health in check
  • dying my hair bright aqua blue
  • explode my blog – not necessarily reach millionaire status, but reach some sort of a following 
  • writing a popular song
As soon as something get’s completed it will be changed to a bright red color so bright that it will burn your soul! Think of it as an online public excel spreadsheet with GOALS, and let’s see how many of them we can accomplish together, united.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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