I do not promise 22 things right of the bat in this one because there are yet things I need to realize that I wish I knew before, and if I right from the start name so many, what does that say about me as a person and about my adulting skills? Let’s give me some credit, shall we?
Nobody is born all-knowing and wise and shit, but it definitely would help to know some of these things, no matter how generic, bland or irrelevant they may seem at times, I should have known them by know and it would have increased the quality of my life dramatically. 
  • it takes work – everything takes hard work, adjusting, experimenting, figuring shit out… while it might not require actual labor for some people, for people like me it definitely does and I wish I accepted that earlier in my life.
  • people are idiots- mostly…
  • nothing is ever easy
  • university will suck- BIG TIME
  • getting a job during Uni will also suck
  • managing a blog with Uni/work = IMPOSSIBLE – at times sure, but every free moment I get I think of post ideas, outlining, scheduling, writing in advance, creating mockups of graphics and templates. It is a hobby I wish I had more time for, but I only have myself to blame honestly.
  • think for your own brain and learn who to trust – not everyone is going to be your friend and not everyone is going to like you for the right reasons, learn to figure that out
  • confidence is up to you – you can¬†choose to dwell on your own insecurities, or you can just say, fuck it, and move on with your day and not care about other people. And it’s perfectly fine if you have days when you are one way and not the other, give yourself a break
  • you can be happy with just yourself
  • having high expectations causes a lot of unnecessary stress, breath and live a little
  • it’s ok to be different22 things I wish I knew before
  • and it’s ok not to be ok all the time
  • accept that not everyone treats other humans as other humans – there is nothing I can do about it if someone chooses to be an asshole and I know I get angry at myself for being angry at them all the time, but in reality, they are their own master and there is nothing I can do about it
  • If it’s not your day, don’t make that influence other people’s day – you can still make their day even though you feel like being obliviated
  • saying NO is not selfish – thin of yourself sometimes
  • you are not the center of anyone’s universe but your own – stop assuming that you are a topic of discussion to others even though that might be likely, it only hurts you. You can’t do anything about it if it turns out to be true anyway
  • remove people from your life – if they prove they do not deserve the seat you have reserved for them, don’t hesitate to show them the door. You only want positive, supporting people in your life
  • Life will not always be bad, and on average it’s more than good, so enjoy it
I did deliver 18 things, which makes me feel uneasy, but on the other hand, I hope I reached my goal. Sometimes I did use the first and sometimes the second form (I vs you) so I guess it shows on a psychological level that sometimes I speak from my own mind and sometimes wish to teach myself as well, does that even make sense?

PS: Also being close to the goal but never really achieving it is basically the story of my life

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