Now, I feel like I need to preface it, some of these are sarcastically put on the list just for the fun of it, to get a chuckle or two, nothing serious. (not like anyone cares particularly, but I feel like this should be pointed out for the future)
– be hot – I think it’s a general idea by now that people who look good have it easier in life just purely based on their looks, or at least for a big portion of their lives. So if you are one of those people, congratulations, you are already off to a good start


– shirtless pictures – continuing where we left off, if you look good, have six pack abs and toned muscles, you can pose for book covers! With the expansion of cheap erotica novels, there is a high demand for shirtless man meat photos for the covers so they can sell their trash like hotcakes. Now I am not judging, do you, and see the opportunity given to you!


-influencer- now I am not talking about those people who produce great content and amaze to a big number of followers, I am talking about those people who became accidentally famous, or for being stupid, or either for being hot (again, read my first thing on the list) and when they are trying to use their popularity for money. If that feels like you, seize another opportunity!


-review stuff – I guess this goes hand in hand, but if you are good at what you do, you can get FREE STUFF, which is almost like getting money


-steal ??? – don’t do it!


-taze animals on videos


-film the suicide forest – too soon? #sorrynotsorry
22 ways to make easy money.png


-pyramid scheme – if you organize it well enough it definitely is easy money, just fear the law inĀ  every waking moment of your life


-blog about blogging – if you are also discouraged from seeing other people making millions from blogging, it’s because you are blogging about the wrong thing, and you can never succeed unless you recycle advice over and over again


-plot scams – but again FEAR THE FREAKING LAW!


-foresee the future – and charge a lot of money to give advice to people who need it, but also, unlike in Charmed, use your powers for personal gain, the hell with it.
– invest in cryptocurrencies – if you know what you are doing, it might bring you millions, like a lot of people
– professional hater – I have heard it’s a job and I am excited!

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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