As you might have read yesterday, in case not, the link is HERE, yesterday was my one-year blogevarsary and I want to celebrate, and push myself even further!

So, for the entirety of the month of February, I will be posting EVERY SINGLES DAY!

The theme is 22 in honor of my 22nd birthday that was also yesterday!

Yes, that is right, every single day I will publish something that might make you laugh, make you smile, cry, find something new or exciting or I don’t know, whatever tickles your fancy!

And after the month of Bloguary ends, the design of this blog will be totally different, I have been working on creating an outline how I want it to eventually be, so I hope I will get it done on the first try.

So let’s keep reading each other and let’s see how February treats us 😉

Over and out.


EDIT me here: – This was also my 100th post! Holly fuck!

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