My blogging anniversary on the 30th of January, it was my plan to celebrate it with a blogging month in February and it was a smashing success! I have gained more followers and more views in February than the first half of 2017 combined! It was a glorious month, and on top of a  very busy work month and an exam period, I managed to stick to the program for the entire month (except for two days where I just wasn’t able), and I even managed to get two people to guest post on my blog in the last week which was awesome.
We broke so many boundaries in February that it was time to scrape of a new thing from my yearly to-do list and that is to get hosting for my little blog. Now, as a working student, I don’t have a lot of money to throw around on all the necessities for my blog, I would love to but I just can’t, so I spent a long time searching for really cheap web hosts and I really didn’t look for much. My blog has little page views so it’s not like it will break anytime soon, I just really really wanted my own domain!
Then I found tsohost, and it was a perfect match! For a yearly fee of ONLY 22 euros, I managed to get a domain for free for a year and the lowest hosting plan that is perfect as I am cheap and it is great for blogs to under 25.000 monthly page views, which I probably won’t even get in a couple of years, if ever…
If you want to try tsohost and you are cheap like me, please use my affiliate link for them ( I will earn a small commission for your purchase at no additional costs for you) and you can even use my code “WELCOME TO REALITI” for a 10% discount as well and get your blog some bling for 22 euros a year! (that’s less than 2 euros per month, less than one cup of coffee…)
Now, as for themes I really really didn’t have money to spend on it for the time being, but that is a future investment that I am planning to do, or to make my own, I already have the landing page and as I start having more free time I will probably finish it at some point and it will look fantastic! 
I took me an entire day to figure all the things out, migration and all, but I am glad I did it, with better things to come in the future! There are so many things I am looking forward to writing and doing in this year, and I want you all here.
If you like what you see and you would like to be a part of the journey, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, I greatly appreciate you all for stopping by and I wish or you to repeat at your visits.
Hope to hear from you all! 

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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