Shall we begin-
This week is basically dedicated to the start of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. A 7th new start and it got me thinking. Where is our new start? Do we even get one? What would we even do if we got one? What is there to be done differently and do we posses the wisdom to start it all over again but with a different outcome.
So many questions that need to be answered. Do we have the time, the knowledge?
Ok, let’s not pile questions on top of questions. This is not going to be a philosophical post and me wishing this and that, “sharing knowledge” and all that. I am genuinely interested in what you go do different if you had a chance to start over. I will start.
If you have been following my blog, or if you read through it to this part ( I luv you the most), you probably know that I have a lot of regrets and a LOT of stuff I would have liked to do over. 
I would have liked to pick a different University. That is a no-brainer.
I would have liked to tell a few people to go fuck themselves( in the kindest way possible of course!). I wish I knew what was in store for me if I just let them trample over me every time they felt like it.
I would have liked to have avoided all those fake people, all the people who pretended to be friends with me for what ever reason. Mind you, there were a few too many.
Sometimes I do wish I could be born all over again and get a different family. That might be too mean and ungrateful but if you knew my family you would probably agree. 
Is that it? I really thought I had more on this list. Maybe I will add more later as time goes by. I am sure there is more.
The one thing I would not like to change are my friends. I guess after all those tragedies and hurts and sorrows I was blessed with the best group of people anyone could ever have. And if I got a new start, would I still get the same people in my life now? Am I ready to risk it?
I like to believe that it was meant to be no matter what I did, so let’s live in denial/delusion for now at least.
Shall we begin? Let’s go.
Winter is here.


2 Replies to “Chapter 23- Shall we begin?

  1. Nice post & great conversation starter! Knowing that every choice I make and every action I take will, no matter what, lead me to exactly where I’m supposed to be, exactly where I am, there is very little I’d do differently if given the opportunity for a new start. Especially if a new start cause me to lose the wife & children I have now; I could not bear that outcome. The one thing I would do differently if given the chance would be to have worked harder to position myself for a successful and lucrative career as an author.

    Take care, be well, and keep dreaming.


    1. thanks for the very long comment 😀 I like when people leave their honest opinions.
      One of the things that I mentioned as well, if I were to do things differently and not get the same group of people in my life that I can’t live without I wouldn’t change anything. I am sure your wife and kids were destined for you, so no matter if you do something different they would still be in your life.

      That’s my que to work harder to become an author one day as well xD

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