EXHIBITIONAs a new blogger and amateur writer for a while now I have been trying to perfect the crafts. There are a lot of articles on how to blog better, how to drive traffic, how to be a better writer, how to have a better routine. Articles after articles…

Knowledge is everywhere, you just need to find the right ones, which is a craft of its own.

But there is always a but(t).

What I have seemed to notice is that there are a lot more articles on blogging then there are people who use that advice to actually blog. It seems everyone who has ever tried something and succeeded/failed is trying to advise you what to do/not to do. Like people who are nobodies are out there giving ADVICE.

Everyone seems to know how things need to be done but sometimes it remains to be seen if that is fruitful in the first place.

And most of the advice is so vague, or is it just me? Write quality posts… post quality pictures on Instagram… network… I feel like that is a given, right? Or is it? If the vast majority give vague advice and it works for them, is there a problem with us? Maybe I just assume a lot, but that seems logical to me. Maybe the problem is in me. Maybe I assume too much…


But it boggles my mind why everyone is trying to make money from courses, ebooks, webinars, and mentorships where people are just writing general knowledge that they applied on their blogs/website/writings, just changed a few things that may or may not have helped them succeed in the first place, and now they feel like they have the right to charge that knowledge in a different package. Now I am not going to be brutal, a lot of people out there do know their shit and are very knowledgeable, but some of the individuals out there just seem like they run a pyramid scheme and are juicing it until they can.

When I look for blogs it seems like I am flooded with a lot of blogs about blogging but not a lot of blogs I could find so far that focus on creating, that blog about their writings or something they have tried and it worked for them and that it is not known that it’s helpful. Something new… helpful. I feel like we need more of those and sometimes I feel like I am just not looking at the right places. Of course, most of those people will not be loud as the ones who are trying to force their sales upon us.

A good quote I have heard somewhere which is very convenient or this is: “People don’t want to be teachers to teach, they want to be a teacher since the staff room has donuts!” and this sums up exactly what I think and feel about “knowledge sellers”.

Anyways, that is how I feel about this whole knowledge seller situation. Comment below if you have similar opinions, or opposing ones, I would love to read them. Make sure you are subscribed to my blog cuz sometimes I try to be comical, sometimes dark and sometimes serious, and I would love for you to read it.

4 Replies to “Chapter 25 – A rant about “knowledge sellers”

  1. Hi! Came over from one of the Writing groups on Facebook. I definitely feel the same way. I know some people who go into “Knowledge Selling” that are often just hustling to get extra bucks, without giving much thought to how useful their program is for buyers. It’s quite frustrating as I’ve tried searching for help online myself and they DO all say the same thing. “Content is king”, “create a good IG feed”, “look for sponsorships” – strategies that work, but are really so vague for beginners. – Veeyah

  2. Amen, Realiti!

    I have never been a fan of self-help or do-it-yourself books, etc., especially if they cost money. And since I’ve started blogging, it seems almost all of the blogs I’ve come across that offer such advice want you to pay them for it. I don’t seek out those types of blogs but occasionally stumble across them. I have yet to find one that offers what I consider quality and viable advice.

    My advice: Learning is doing. Practice, practice, practice. Learn from your mistakes, and dammit, from your successes too! Rather than look for advice on how to be a better blogger, cast a wide net, find the blogs you admire, and figure out by observing how they did whatever it is you like.

    Take care, be well, and happy blogging.


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