This might be one of those moments when the journey is more important than the results. Searching for a cure can be a long journey indeed.
A cure for what you may ask. A cure for STUPIDITY!
Recently, most of all I have been thinking of how humans have gone a long way and then back – al the knowledge in the world doesn’t help some of us, not even slightly.
Meeting one of these individuals is the hardest most painful moment in anyone’s life, especially mine, and I feel like I am a magnet for idiots everywhere.
And frankly I don’t think they want to be saved, some definitely don’t. Ignorance¬†is bliss some might say but keep ignorance away from me.
I wish some of them would accept to change. This is one of my biggest pet peeves.
Dumb questions, dumb decisions, dump people… any combination or all of the above is just to be avoided because it irritates my mind beyond count, and even more when this person is me. (you know I have to add this so people don’t get offended…)
So please, donations are always welcome, the cure can be found if we all just put in a little bit of an effort. It’s not to save me but all of humanity.
It would benefit all of us!
I really wish that for the world, for everyone.
Wouldn’t you like it, too?

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