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I wish I could turn into someone else, every time, in a lot of different situations. When I face a new situation, something that usually brings me anxiety, I wish I could be a confident person, a person that could solve all the problems and face them head-on. I wish I could be the kind of person I see myself being, if I had any self-esteem.
When I write, I wish to be the person who is creative like I know I can be sometimes, I want to be a persistent person, the person that gets things done until the end so that I can have some work that I can say I am really proud of. I wish I could dwell on a whole new world completely, dive in with all of my being and never leave. I wish for the stories and words to consume me whole, like I know they can.
When I have to study, I wish I could be a highly motivated individual, someone who accomplishes goals and knows why the fuck is he studying all this unnecessary shit. I want to be that goal-oriented driven person I know I am and can be. I guess things would be different if I were at all interested.
All of these separate personalities… I don’t want any more psychological disorders. Imagine the therapy costs…
What I wish is that we had all these personalities bottled up somewhere, in a basement, in canisters, that we can access whenever we want, that would solve a lot of problems. 
All the insecurities surface at the worst possible times, and there have been a lot of them over the years. I think others are not strangers to this feeling
Until that becomes available, I guess we will just have to settle for our anxious, hot messes of persons we get to be at times.

I had to post this post again, there is something wrong with WordPress where as soon as I post a new blog post, the text gets lost, and I noticed it too late, unfortunately!
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