Employee of the Month
Hear one hear all, we have someone to find,
someone who has lost the edge, the competitive fire inside, but they don’t want it to be like that. The will is there sometimes, but the problems keep kicking in, they are always there, watching, lurking, praying…
Sometimes it’s lost in a mist of lost souls, just wondering around,
trying to locate the vessels they should inhabit,
trying to locate the happy ever after they have been promised all that time ago.
The souls are missing a person, I am missing one too.
Sometimes I miss myself, the person that I know I can be, as I have written about it multiple times on different ads, so I shall not repeat myself.
Can someone help me find me? 

This is today’s post, as you might have read on twitter, I am changing my posting schedule from Monday to Tuesday! It’s better for all of us.
If you think anyone is in a similar position, share the post and follow my blog for more stuff to read in the future. My socials are out there somewhere. Let’s help each other.
My last post is poem No10 – Countless! Check it out!
Thank you so so much for taking the time to read this, have a great day/evening/night and I’ll read ya next Tuesday.

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