This could have been the title of someone’s suicide letter, just let that sink in for a bit, think about it…
No this is not going to be one, God no. However life might be shitty that is never the option for me, and it shouldn’t be for you either.
Now that we got that out of the way, I honestly wanted to talk about the impression that people always need to impress someone, that it’s always someone’s hate that fueled their decision to be the very best there ever was. That’s something I don’t understand, and I come from a very stubborn people who do a lot of things in spite of others.
And also, why are people so bitter about their failed dreams that they need to spread that to others? Jealousy bores jealousy, and that’s how we have generations of twats today who think their dreams were more important but because they gave it up “because this is the REAL world” ( I really hate that line), it should be their god’s given right to bestow that wisdom on to you as well, and how DARE you disobey? Who are you to disobey the rules of that universe (a middle aged person who works a shitty job and a shitty life) has set out in stone for you?
Dear no one (1)
If you need to prove to someone that you are worth it, how about proving it just to yourself? How about you worry about your self-esteem and self-worth and just focus on that? At the end of the day, it’s only you that are important to yourself. Or it should be that way.
I struggle with this myself so don’t thin that I am out there giving bullshit “advice”, this is more of a mental note to self, since I forget things a lot of the damn time that I need to start writing it down (am I already 80 years old?????).
I have always had people who said it’s never good enough, that you are a fool to dream that certain things are possible, that you shouldn’t even try because they already know it’s going to be a failure, and that kind of upbringing has left mental scars that I am fighting with to this day. It’s not acceptable to have someone crush your believes and desires, don’t let them do that.
Dear everyone, it’s none of your damn business that I choose to pursue in life and if I have dreams that do not fit in a mold called a cubicle, that I dare to do something with my life other than rot in front of electronic devices.
Dear no one, it’s you who I am trying to impress. And it will stay that way…

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