Once you get your heart broken, there is no fixing it back to its original state. Once you get your spirit broken there is no taping it back together. No amount of tape can help at that moment. What’s done is done, people will tell you to move on already, that’s just how life is.
It’s easy to get broken and no matter how much you want to pretend it’s not, it really is. People can tell you you are oversensitive all they want, that does not change the fact
What’s done is done. Magic doesn’t exist and there are no fae to repair what was once broken. No one has that kind of power.




It will heal, give it time, but it will never be the same, you need to be aware of that. A once broken mirror will never revert back to its original state, no matter how much you try or want it to be itself again. The mirror needs to learn to live within itself now, and so do you.
Is it doable? It most certainly is.
Is it sustainable for a longer period of time? I’m not sure yet, I am not in that position. Maybe in a few years, or ten, or twenty years down the road I will be able to comment on what it is like to live life, always being broken, no matter how much you try.
After all, everyone else is broken, just like you, trying to tape their shit together so other’s don’t notice their flaws too. We all go around like zombies pretending our lives are acceptable to live when in fact, it remains to be seen.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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