Is it in the clouds, like mine is at times, or is it down in the sand, like mine is at times as well? What is your choice, if it even is a choice?
What’s going on in that little head of yours?
Is your head filled with worries, is it filled with fears or doubts, how do you get over the things that fill up your brain when they shouldn’t be there in the first place?
I want to learn all of these things from you, I want to get to know your head and what’s in it before anything else.
Do you also listen to Electra Heart when you are in that sad depressive state of mind, do you like to endulge yourself in a good book when you have time to do so?
Do you crack under pressure most of the times like me, even though you have sworn for the thousandth time before that THAT was your last time, that you will not let such things get to you?
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Does it take you hours on end to be able to sleep from all the worries that have crawled in your head and taken refuge from the rain?
What passions fuel you and what do you persue? What drives you, what motivates you, is there a thing that you can conquer and if not, what can I do to help?
Are you independent? Are you self-suficient? Do you have all the tools necessary to build a great life? Do you know you possess them in the first place, do you know what they are?
Your head is like a masterpiece, it’s worth a million words. Let me get to know you, let me get to find out what you really can be, and let me help you be your support through those times.
In those times when I help you, I will also help myself, and hopefully you can return the favor.


Let me know what are your thoughts!

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