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And Agatha Christie got 500 – so whats your lame excuse for giving up after one?
If you’re a writer, or anything for that matter; in life, you’re going to be rejected, and today, I’m going to tell you about some of the best-selling authors who didn’t give up at that first hurdle on the track…
Yeah, even the best were made to feel worthless in the beginning…
We’ll start with the queen of mystery fiction – Agatha Christie. With 66 novels and 14 short stories and around 44 screen adaptations now under her belt, you wouldn’t believe that she got 500 rejection letters.
You wouldn’t believe that someone could look at whats called a classic today and say it’s not good enough. She’s been dead around forty years, and her books are still making the big screen, and, she’s one of the world’s best-selling authors and it almost didn’t happen…
J.K.Rowling almost never happened too. Twelve people rejected Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone! Think of all the things we may never have experienced!
Think of all the fandoms that might never have been! The OTP’s, and the tears, and the laughs.

22 REJECTIONS (1).png

Even Stephen King got rejected or The Running Man? Like, what? This guy, whether you’ve read his novels or not, you know who he is. He’s another of those household names that people always get excited about! He has at least seventy films/television series based on the novels he’s published! 
What would the world be without the Shining???
And, did you ever read that book about a whale (or watch the movie when your teacher was too bored to teach you). Well yeah, a letter asked did Moby Dick really need to be a whale? Not a rejection, but could you imagine it being anything else, now?
Also, you know that worldwide phenomenon, with sparkly vampires (whether you liked it or not), that got 20 rejections before someone took a chance! And, everyone, love or hate, knows Twilight made it big!
Cassandra Claire even got rejected because one of the main characters was gay in The Mortal Instruments!
Even George Orwell’s talking animals got rejected… And Ernest Hemingway, H.G. Wells, Dr. Seuus, F. Scots Fitzgerald, Kurt Vonneghat, Kennety Graham, Sarah J Maas…
It just proves that not everyone will like your book – whether you turn out to be a best-selling author or not. Hundreds of people might say no, but there are over seven billion people in the world now, so 100 rejections don’t even cut it.
All you can really do is keep going. Write what makes you cry, write what makes you laugh, write what makes you break, and one day, someone will say yes!
Or, take the plunge and self-publish, but that’s a story for another day, and full of its own kind of rejection.

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