So, if you are familiar with my previous mission statement, I decided to do this things in kind of a monthly issue and that makes August my guinea pig. Opting not to force myself into activities that I just wish I had the time for, this month I think I have made it reasonable but we will see.
Without further ado, the mission for August is:
Mission statement August
Also, something I didn’t add on there but what I would like to do is figure out how to use my tablet to draw on it. 
So there it is, ready set go!
Tell me in the comments below am I reasonable and what are your plans for August. That’s it for this post, keeping it nice and simple.
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6 Replies to “Mission for August !

  1. Unless you don’t sleep and don’t work, I don’t see how you could come close to accomplishing all that in a week!

    My plans for the week: Commute, work, love my family, do house & yard word, sleep, blog a little, and write a bit.

    Good luck!


      1. ahh let’s see, just trying to balance out my work life with my creative side all while still keeping blogging alive in my world lol

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