Yes it is September already! I know this is kind of a cliche but I remember New Years being like two months ago… Anyhow, with September the stresses of going back to school begin again and thankfully I haven’t experienced that trauma for a fourth year now. That is why I have decided to torture myself instead and make a to do list, or as I like to call it a mission statement ( also, my inner emo surfaces this time of the year for some reason…)
I was also extra lazy today, that is why I am actually writing this post technically on the second. Anyways, if you want to know what I have in store for you and I this month, take a peek below:
  1. Blog post 1 (1500pts)
  2. Blog post 2 (1500pts)
  3. Blog post 3 (1500pts)
  4. Blog post 4 (1500pts)
  5. Shortie 1 (1000pts)
  6. Shortie 2 (1000pts)
  7. Book review 1(1500pts)
  8. Book review 2(1500pts)
  9. Read Unravel me(1000pts)
  10. Read I am Number Four(1000pts)
  11. Finish Orphan Black(500pts)
  12. Finish Game of Thrones(500pts)
  13. Project for a class (DUE IN 5 DAYS!!!) (3000pts)
  14. Write at least 9000 words for Talentless(3000pts)
  15. Exercise almost daily(1000pts)
  16. Study for Exam 1(1500pts)
  17. Study for Exam 2(2500pts)
Goodbye August (1)
The first blog post is already done and scheduled for it’s release! The rest, well at least I know the theme. As for the Shorties, I will continue my exploration of the world of prose and continue trying to improve my poetry and just be inspired by life (and a little bit of emo) while doing it.
As for the books, I am going to finish the Shatter Me series, and finally start the I am No4 series that I have been putting off for a very very long time.  Book reviews will consist of the never released review of Carrie and the Martian. Stay tuned for some unpopular opinions on those (maybe, I am not 100% convinced).
That project that I have been working on at a sluggish speed is finally due to be done in 5 days, that is why even though it may be less work, but due to the deadline, to motivate it, it is worth more, sue me.
One thing I was really not satisfied in August is that I didn’t exercise as much as I wanted so we need to fix that in September. I need to find that motivation because I really love to be physically active, but by doing sports, I don’t like working out. As colder weather is approaching I will not get that many chances to go running or play tennis, so if I want to get back into shape, I will need to work out.
Then I have an exam on the 11th of September and one on the 27th. I intentionally didn’t put PASS as a goal since I try not to have very high expectations, but rather just give it my all when it comes to my studies and just pray that karma will reward me for being a great human specimen. 
I also have some optional tasks which are music related this month. I want to give new albums a try, and this month I want to give Miley Cyrus, Zola Jesus and Wolf Alice a listen. Depending on my time I will also write up reviews, but just listening to them is worth 500 additional posts ( cuz when I say listen, I mean on repeat, repeatedly, for days…).

Total amount of points: 25000

Minimum to succeed: 21250

Follow me on all my social media to keep up with my progress, and by all means tell me your plans for this month. What do you hope to achieve? Let’s motivate each other!
See ya!

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