Now that 2017 is done and dusted, it’s time to look ahead and see what we can do to better ourselves and accomplish even more in life. 
I have to admit, 2017 was not as successful as I would have hoped it would be, I barely got anything done, and one thing that I lacked the most was my writing because, besides my blog, I barely got 20.000 words written for both of my WIPs which I am really disappointed about. I planned on writing 500 words at least EVERY DAY, so not to get overly excited, it is going to be reduced for this year.
Now that I have put the shame of last years’ failures behind me, let’s begin with the goals shall we!
GOALSFor my professional goals on my list I have:
  1. finish university – this is my last year, and I have survived half of it, so at worst I should get a degree by September but if all things go very well, it could be in July!
  2. try to find a job in IT, possibly web design or something regarding websites – there are no as many possibilities for this in my city, that’s why I might move to another one, but that is just one scenario after I finish university
  3. go for a masters degree – this is scenario number two, I will still be moving but this is a big IF at this moment
  4. stay at my current job and focus on my writing and blogging – this is scenario number three, if hell freezes over and I do get a promotion, I might stay in my city for the year and focus on my hobbies.
  5. blog twice a week – I will do my best to make sure that I have at least two blog posts ready for every week, one post and a poem/short story, or two posts, maybe sometimes even three posts per week. I want to start being consistent and productive in that department and really reach a bigger audience.
  6. get hosting for my blog
  7. write 300 words every day -if anyone wants to be my critique partner, contact me on any of my social media 🙂
  8. have cover art designed – if I finish my first WIP this year, that is in the plans
  9. learn Photoshop and Illustrator during the summer – that’s something I wished for this year, I did get started though but I wish I finished it…
Now for some personal goals regarding life and hobbies etc. : 
  1. read one book each month – I wanted to read two books per month last year and I just couldn’t find the motivation honestly, that is why I am setting my goals a lot smaller this year so they are more attainable and don’t seem too big so they scare me off, and if I get in the groove I can easily beat that goal!
  2. start training tennis again more regularly – I regained my passion for tennis last year, but this year I want to bring it up a notch, start preparing early March and maybe, fingers crossed enter a professional tournament in the fall
  3. continue running every day during the summer, exercise more other times
  4. save some money
  5. contemplate moving 
  6. regarding TV shows – Supernatural, Third Rock from the Sun, Stranger Things season 2.
  7. buy a new laptop
  8. buy a new phone which will make it easier for me to blog on the go!
  9. travel to Budapest for at least one day
  10. go on vacation this year!
  11. try to go to Novi Sad at least once a month
I think this is probably it, I might add some later on as I remember them but at the moment, I have 20 big goals that I want to achieve this year, not counting specific goals for my blogs such as views, followers, social media etc. since I would never talk about that publicly.
Being inspired by a lot of writers on youtube, some not as popular like Bella Rose Pope and Ben Sanders, then obviously Jenna Morreci, I have decided to compile a list of my own to see how I do during the year. I did have monthly goals that I posted on this blog as well, but ever since going back to work, I don’t think I can plan so many things to do, at least until I finish my studies.
Have a great and healthy 2018 and I hope to continue reading you all 😉

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