When I was writing my September goals I was determined to make this month better than August, and by some statistic anomaly close to a miracle, it was!
There is only one department in which I kind of kicked back and which was one of my most important tasks this month, and it was writing – I have written only half of my goals for this month, which means that I will need to work harder in October to finish that novel by the end of the year (if the stars align basically).
Here you can read what my goals were at the 1st of September. 
Thank you.png
I have posted all 4 of my blog posts, including 2 shorties that have been poems this month, I am getting more and more into poetry, to be honest. Hopefully, I am improving.
Both of my book reviews you could have read on my blog as well. Everything is sprinkled somewhere here on the interwebs, check them out if you have not!
Now about the books I was supposed to read, I finished Unravel me via an audiobook, but somewhere in the middle, it became so tedious to me that I just had to drop it. The first book in the trilogy had so much potential, but as the story progressed it became such a cliche love triangle that I just don’t care about anymore. I might have said it somewhere that I used to tolerate it when I was younger, but now I just think that grown-ass adult writers can’t portray teenagers as much more than horny idiots (who save the world in their free time). I don’t care for that one bit!
“I am No4” will be finished tonight (fingers crossed)!
I finished both the Orphan Black and Game of Thrones, and I will miss my “sestra’s”. They made such a big part of my life these past two years I cannot imagine the show being over. I mourned it for days after it ended. 
As for Game of Thrones, I feel like they turned it too much into Hollywood where the good guys win and the bad guys lose. I am of the opinion that if George R.R. Martin was still writing his books that he would have killed the shit out of Jon Snow and his crew beyond the wall, but I don’t think he would have sent them there in the first place being that Jon is vital and he would have to stay true to himself and kill the bastard in such a situation.
I passed both of my exams, I finished the project ( I deducted myself of 1000 points for not finishing it in 5 days though), I exercised almost daily, I went running every other day and went cycling and playing tennis a few times so I think I took care of my body somewhat.
I listened to the new Miley Cyrus and Zola Jesus album, reviews are in the works! 
One task where I severely backfired was writing “Talentless”. I set a goal of doing 9000 words which is about a page a day. I was writing every day, sometimes even 2 or 3 pages and when my second exam got closer I skipped a few days, then tried to keep up with the pages I was behind, and I ended up doing just half – 4500. That is still an improvement over recent months definitely, I haven’t written anything since May when I was going to Uni ( I write in the breaks between classes, sometimes even during classes if they are boring, DON’T JUDGE ME), but I still need to push myself further. I am close to 40000 words which is approximately halfway to go. I definitely know that I can write 40000 words in the next 90 days, but it depends to be seen will I.



ACCUMULATED: 23500 (over by 2250 points!)

That’s it for my monthly task known as September. Share with me what you have accomplished, let’s motivate each other to go even further. We are all friends here.
October will be wild. Classes are starting, so many posts need to be prepared and scheduled for November and maybe even December, because I plan on scheduled in November for January etc. February will be a crazy month, I have a lot of things planned so stay tuned.
Love ya all.

2 Replies to “September- Another succesful month!

  1. Loved your post! Ive actually managed to have a successful month of checking things of goals (if you discount my terrible reading slump) aswell, and as for GOT, I definitely agree with you! I don’t feel like enough people died this season, or significant people anyway (littlefingers was well deserved though) and I really hope they switch it up next season and just loads of good people die and I feel that even Daenerys might be in that list!
    And what is I am number 4 like? I watched the movie (I know, great comparison, right 😅) and really liked it, but haven’t picked up the book yet! Is it worth reading?

    1. Don’t even get me started on the final season of GoT, the spoilers and the theories I have read almost make me not watch it 🙁
      as for I am No4, it’s the epitome of a YA book that I have come to not like recently because of all the love drama/triangles, but so far it has been a good story and it has potential! (it’s a pretty big series so I hope it doesn’t get worse)
      I am most glad that it was a successful month for you too, let’s hustle hard in October :3

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