Disclosure: I am an affiliate of the companies/services presented on this page. By no means does that imply that you must use them as well. They are just options that I might recommend. I will earn some commission if you decide to use the services as well with no additional costs for you. I would not recommend or promote any company or service if I wasn’t using them personally and if I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of their product


    1. tsohost – web hosting provider (CODE:¬†WELCOME TO REALITI for 10% off of your purchased hosting plan) – they are based in the UK and they have by far the cheapest hosting plan I have stumbled across with just 20 euros/year, which, if you are just starting out and don’t have a ton of page views, can be more than enough! My “mini-story” of how I found them can be found here.
    2. Tailwind – if you use this referral link, you get one month free and you give me one month free as well, win-win! Tailwind is a scheduling app for Pinterest that help you automate your pin scheduling. It also gives you access to Tribes of people who share your content as well. I have seen bloggers swear Tailwind is the reason why they earn hundreds and thousands of dollars if that is of any merit ( I still haven’t earned a dime but oh well…)

  1. Cratejoy – a box subscription service that has a gift/box for BASICALLY every occasion. It is a monthly subscription service so you get a box a month to your doorstep. That’s so awesome I can’t even truly fathom it! The whole concept is just too awesome for words. Click the link here and see for yourself what they have to offer.