Chapter 0 – Where does it all begin?

Right here. On this piece of imaginary paper.
This is where I lay down my thoughts, put them to rest. This is where their eternal slumber begins.
I always wanted something to look back on. This is the perfect way to immortalize my thoughts, my feelings, my hopes, dreams and fears. There are a lot of them. One by one they will be revealed to the bone, be kind to them. Always.
Read at your own discomfort, because I never know what I will end up putting her later on. Deepest darkest fears or shiniest brightest moments? You will have to find out.
The moment the mystery fades away? I hope it will never come to that. I hope I will never forget about it.
A personal venting place is what I will call this, but that would be too much. It’s more of a regular customer in my brain. It has its own voice at times, a voice that it always wanted to be heard but couldn’t quite vocalize it. Until now.
Everything is black, I am black. Black is made of every other color. I am made of every other color. I am a layer after layer after layer of colors. Each layer will be peeled off day by day, until there is only white. Or yellow, or blue, whichever you like to see most. I am here for all of you.
I am a train wreck. I am a ruin. I forget. I lose. I fuck with myself more than anybody else.
Sometimes I need a path back to reality, as we all do from time to time. I don’t know mine, but I will find it… someday. I know it.
I would like for you to have something to read, to come back and still not know where the stop sign is… where the finish line is. That is my goal. I hope I achieve it.
Welcome to Reality. My Realiti.


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