Chapter 2 – To live is to die (what’s it like to be alive)

Chapter two - To live is to die -- Welcome to Realiti

You don’t choose to get born. Nobody asks you. Nobody sends you an invitation, there is no test to see if you are ready for the tortures that the world brings. You do not decide. Someone already did that for you.

From day one you are bombarded with a lot of information, expectations, wishes and desires, most of them not your own. There is very little you are asked about until you turn 18. Then you are expected to do what someone has been doing for you all of your life, without any practice. You are supposed to know.

You are supposed to be a responsible person, a good role model, a model citizen, a hardworking human being. A person who has their shit together.

That more often than not is not the case.

I can talk from my personal experience. I have turned 18 a while ago now(and turning 24 soon even), and still, I have no idea what I am doing with my life. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am squandering the gift I never even wanted so that I don’t feel too bad about it. But then, I spend hours thinking like I should do something, something that is worthy of my existence. Something to leave a trace on this planet that I was once here, that I breathed the same air they will, that I had the same problems they will have.


I have no idea what that something might be yet. That’s still OK, I have a lot in front of me, I have all this future time that is still intact, untouched, just waiting for me to use it. The same is with all of you, whoever you may be. You have the gift of future time as well. Don’t sit waiting for your life to pass, for your life to end, because the end is not your choice either. All that you have control of is the time between those two actions. Don’t let the fear of what is waiting for you further down the road influence your actions today.


At the end of it all, no one ever asks you where is the end, where do you want the finish line to be. Don’t let it come too soon. Do everything you ever wanted to be done, and then, that finish line you are supposed to cross someday will not be as scary, it will not come to you as a surprise.


We can start together. Right now. Or sometimes in the near future. Just start. Start something. Anything. The rest will unravel, one layer at a time.


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