Chapter 21- If magic was real

A world of unlimited possibilities. Just imagine? Can you? Is it unreal?
I know I can. What a majestic world that would be, with endless possibilities.
Let’s dive into my wishes and desires right away, shall we? First of all, I would like to have telekinetic powers. Those were always dope whenever I watched a supernatural movie/show. I was always very jealous of those people and I used to cry myself to sleep because I was never granted that power.
I would like to be able to teleport, but who wouldn’t? Reading mind is such a basic thing to want and I feel like that would be a little overboard. Besides, a lot of the times I don’t care what the people I am friends with are caring, I just want to dive into the deepest darkest secrets of strangers because I am weird that way.

So basically I want superhuman brain powers. Mental strength because I lack it I guess. Now to get to some of the basic things:
– the power to not be jealous – when someone does something that I always wanted to do but never did
– the power to avoid stupid people – relatable, right?
– the power to controls my emotions – no explanation needed I hope if you followed me along until now.
– the power to always have time in a day – I have so so so much things that need to be done, and I never have the time to get them done.
– the power to see into the future- I kind of sort of can see into the future, but that is a different topic for a different time.
– the power to have a talent (ouch)
If magic was real, I would wish that all the people get what they want. I wish that the world would not use magic for evil, that it is only a part of the good peoples’ lives.
Some of the things we can imagine though. I imagine things all the time. I imagine I know what I am talking about on my blog and that I actually have a talent. I imagine that people will change someday and that it won’t be all black every day. I imagine dragons are real, elves are real, that Atlantis is still out there.
Some things just won’t come true. If magic was real the world would be a different place.
Imagination is kind of like magic.
I guess for now we will just have to settle with having magic in our minds.

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