Chapter 23 – Tomorrow never came?

You wake up every day, with your everyday worries, your problems, fears but also your hopes, your dreams, motivation and desires. You take it for granted. You think that there are lots of those days for you ahead. You think that you will have a lot of time still to crack your head open with unnecessary things, feelings and people. You think that time is a never-ending continuum in which you exist.
The truth is quite different unfortunately. You never know when you will worry about a useless pest for the last time. When you will have your last surprise, your last meet up with a friend, a colleague, any person really. You can’t even begin to imagine that the end will inevitably come, sooner or later.
What if tomorrow never came?
If you never had the chance to say “sorry” or “I love you”, “I need your help”?
Would you do anything different if you knew?
Ask yourself today, would anything change?
If your answer is no, go back and think again. When you come up with the answer, change your life. Change it. Do it better. Do it smarter. You don’t have nine lives.

If your answer is yes, don’t just think about it, do it! Change anyways. Do it for you, for them, for everybody. Don’t just sit and wait and live your life like on a track, a carousel that never ends and tell it to go fuck itself. But in a nice way. The carousel never stops spinning, but it might if you stop it. You have that power. I am sure in you.
If tomorrow never came, would you regret it? Would you resent yourself for the rest of your life?
One of the scariest moments of my life is when I imagine saying my what ifs when I am old and no longer capable of change. That is why I have actively started working on things I think deserve me to change, that I owe it to myself to try and not thinking about tomorrow as an ending factor, but my limitation to adapt and to grow every day.
There are a lot of questions in front of you. Write them down, you surely won’t remember. Ask them every once in a while. What if tomorrow never came?
You will be surprised how many different answers you can get.
Find one. Stick to it, and don’t let go. That will save you in your darkest times and be your guide in the lightest of times.
What if tomorrow never comes?

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