Chapter 24 – A letter to my characters

So, hi, I guess.
You are probably wondering why you are receiving this letter today. You are just checking your bills, trying to get by, then all of a sudden… BAM… I am here to tell you some very important news. Stay tuned.
But first, a little back story if you will allow it.
Some of you I have known since 2011, so it has been 6 long years. Some I have known from 2014, and some from 2016. You have all grown up so fast, even though your stories are not yet done (and who knows when they will be written at all). You bring me so much anxiety that sometimes it hurts me to read those words but sometimes you bring me so much joy that my little heart cannot take that amount of emotions. Brace yourselves.
The important news:


Yes, you… well not all but some definitely will. I am looking at your Erin. Your story has been keeping me awake for three years, I think it’s time that you go first.
Will I enjoy this? It depends. Some of them I definitely will, some will be very hard.
Some of you already feel dead, so it will be a sweet kiss of departure for some. Better to be laying in the ground then under dust and mold. Death is definite now at least.
You need to find out among yourselves who is the second to go. It will be a lot easier for me if you do.
Let the games begin.
See ya, live in love and peace (for now)…
Unknown anxious author

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