Chapter 26 – We don’t even know why

Ever had that feeling of completely not knowing why you are even attempting to talk to a certain person, why you are even trying to be their friend?
What is that? Something is drawing you near? They are mysterious and intriguing? Or the most common answer you can get is – I don’t know, there is just something about him/her. 
What is that something? Can you explain it to us mortals? Materialize it? Use it in a sentence? Why would that be so hard to explain? Why are feelings so hard to explain?
Or even better, ever wondered why you get along so perfect with someone who couldn’t be more opposite then you that you start to believe that opposites attract bullshit. Ever wondered that? Me too, that’s what brought me to talk about it in this post.
we don't even know why
Humans in general are a complete mystery to me but what’s even a bigger area of unknown are feelings, emotions… how do you explain that shit?
There you two are, so perfectly imperfect for each other, you couldn’t be more different and yet you just know that you belong. If there is an explanation to this phenomenon let light bestow upon me the knowledge of said phenomenon so that I can live my life at least a little bit more normally. I would have liked to have at least one answer to life and not have to wonder about it at 10PM on Mondays.
Do I have that person? Not really, that’s why I wonder how is that even possible. I just don’t understand it. There are a lot of things I don’t understand like I said, but this is on top of my list today. 
Do you even go searching for a person that you can try to change into yourself because it is like an empty canvas for you?
Do you set traps for them to fall in, do you lure them with food? If so what kind?
Are there techniques, classes or books that talk about this topic?
There is just so much to consider and I have so many questions that I don’t know where to even start. Not to mention that I don’t understand why you would even want such a person in your life.
As you can probably see the confusion is big.
I like to think that my blog is my other half though. It was once blank, white, innocent and there for totally different than me. With time I am painting myself over it, but this is not something that I wanted it to be like. I would have preferred if this little unknown space on the internet already was totally like me. It is getting there though.
This is a question for the ages. If people are smarter than me I would like them to inform me, if not then I guess I will have to wait for my opposite to show up from thin air.




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