Chapter 28- I’ve died only to find the light

Where have I gone to?
An alternate dimension? A non-existing universe? My dreams? Or nightmares or have I just gone insane?
I see the light, a way out for the first time in a very long time. There is a way and I have found it.
What has changed? I never saw any perspective, all of my writings, my anguish and my sorrows on pieces of paper smudged with ink, have they really come to my rescue?
How could the letters that form words that form sentences that form paragraphs that from chapters that form stories, be the reason why I see a future?
I see a future in me.
Something has died in me and finally, I see the light. It has been here all this time, I was just blind.
It feels good to be part of the world again, a world full of dreamers, of hopers, of blind people that need to see the stuff the rest of us see.
Once we were an empty shell, now we hear our inner voices again. They were there, they believed even when we were unable to.
We are a part of such a big group that it’s hard to see the end.
Nothing can stop us now, for something is gone so that we can live on for our dreams.
Everything happens for a reason.
All those tears on your pillowcase are not for vain. There is a purpose.
Believe! BElieve! BELieve! BELIeve! BELIEve! BELIEVe! BELIEVE!
Why is it so hard? Why doesn’t anything work?
Why do I choose not to believe in my own words when I need to the most? No amount of self-praising will fix me.
I will see the light! Someday…
but it’s OK if the light is clouded at times as well.

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