Chapter 27 – My personal hell

Something that I have been thinking about recently. What would my personal hell look like, and boy is the list long as fuck.
I just want you to know up front that some if not most of these things do not make hell but this is my imagination, let me ignore my hell in peace.
First off, you wouldn’t have anything unhealthy or sweet to eat when you feel like it. All you have is kale because it’s hip and trendy and good for you and what not.
You could never skip the ads on youtube, so literally rendering it useless and taking you a prisoner of clever or not so clever advertisements. Imagine the horror!
You would always have Despacito on replay everywhere you go, all the time every time. (make it stop!).

personal hell

You would not be able to be sad in private or in public without people staring at you and wondering what wormhole you crawled out of. And all of the people that you hate would be the first ones to ask you ” Hey, are you alright?”. Just let me grieve my existence in peace!
You would only have fake friends who say they love Star Wars too, even though Twilight is their bae. They would only read Fifty Shades of Grey on loops every few years instead of something meaningful.
Having a meaningful and heartfelt discussion? Almost impossible. All you meet are idiots with have a brain, who will repeat their arguments over and over again until you just give in ( so kinda like the world we live in now, but more extreme).
Everybody is way hotter than you and you always question your existence or reason why you might or might not be fat, but there is no gym to help you. Physical activity is not a thing in 1000 degrees!
Say goodbye to your personal belongings. They always get lost somehow.
Everyone’s names would be Jonh or Marc or Nick.
There will always be that one person who chews bubblegum way too loud. Or snacks. Or fruit. Or just food in general. And there is no way for it to be stopped.
You will always run into the people that you have hated your whole life in the most inconvenient of times, like when you are ratchet as fuck, hangover or just plain have a really REALLY bad day.
You would live in a house with 20+ rooms but have no one to live in them or have things to fill them with. All you people thinking about filling them with books, nah, not allowed.
Even though you are being slowly cooked for eternity, you would never get a tan, you would be white as Olaf all your eternal life.
You will always have that one over-supportive friend who would constantly ask you: “Is your book done yet?”.
There will always be a screaming baby at least once a day.
Every time you lose something, it would become too dark to be able to find it. That will stress you out but hey, you are already dead, at least that can’t lead to an early grave!
You will never have mayonnaise or ketchup to add to your sandwich. How do you people eat????
You have every day of eternity to spend thinking what could have been different and imagine multiple scenarios in your head where you can overthink until your brain dies, but it never will. Your anxiety level would be at a max, but there is no therapist to help you with it.
The pictures on the walls would always be crooked and your OCD will not leave you alone. Nothing is ever aligned.
Your nightmares would come to life on occasion and follow you around.
And last but not least, you would live in a world or reality where you will always be misunderstood, no matter what you do or say.

If you like what you have read, make sure to add some of your personal hell moments, share this so that we can complain about it together, it’s always fun in a group!
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