Limitless – from the poetry collection “Talentless”

I’m reaching a limit

sometimes it get’s too much

nothing is ever definite

let’s just leave it as such.


Sometimes I can’t react

when I know that it’s helpless

it’s all I do, I act

and I convince myself it’s all harmless.


On lonely nights

’till the break of dawn

I am alone, or so I have thought,

it’s too much, even in tiny bites

I don’t see it, I am a pawn

for a long time myself I have fought.


I delude myself, but I am incomplete,

there will always be a piece missing,

what is it, it’s so bittersweet

it’s eccentric , I have a feeling.


The missing part won’t be found

until I lay my dreams in the ground

I will remember all the nightmares

too long it’s been, it ensnares.

Limitless - the poem

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