1. JENNA MORECI – a person I have been following on youtube for a very long time, as should you, join the cyborg army, because the QUEEN said so! She has amazing videos where she talks about a range of topics, and is really everything you will ever need. She is funny, charismatic and a joy to binge watch and waste time you should be putting into your own writing.
  2. Dainelle Writes – one of the first blogs I have followed once I started, and I like reading her stuff, it’s so diverse there is stuff for everyone :3
  3. Eyes + Words – constant poems for all your needs and a very inspiring blogger
  4. Jade Writes – she writes reviews, tips and pointers, and is also working on a lot of her own projects like the Tales of Monsters, and is also a group of a very elite critique partner group that I have on Facebook ( click the link to honor my shameless self promotion ) 
  5. On the shelf review – also an amazing person and writer, writer of reviews and amazing short stories, that you will get a chance to read on my blog as well as part of Blogging Month! Also a part of the best critique group ever!
  6. paper airplanes – I think this is literally the first blog I have ever followed and I like reading what the creator is up to, once and if the said creator chooses to grace us with a post :p
  7. – the first and only domestic blogger I have found so far who reads a lot of books and shares some knowledge from what it’s like to study literature in Serbia
  8. skinny and single – she writes really sarcastic and comedic posts but with a lot of truth and they make me laugh more often than not 
  9. the bloggess – the stuff that she writes about and the stuff that happen are just freaking hilarious at times, I enjoy reading her posts
  10. The Ceaseless Reader Writes – one of, if not the biggest supporter I have had so far on my blogging journey, and I really appreciate it! Also has really entertaining stuff on his blog as well so check it out!
  11. Think breathe write blog – another person with great tips and tricks and advice that you need in your life if you want to become a successful writer!
  12. Uninspired writers – a lot of tips, tricks that may help you on your writing journey, and also the graphics are really well done which made me follow in an instant!
  13. Vivien Reis– a published indie author of the Elysian Prophecy, she shows you all the scoops and tricks and the little things that a writer make! She is the second authortube vlogger I have ever stumbled upon and I become a fan instantly.
I will keep adding people and blogs here constantly so keep a look out!
Love ya all

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