As every one person is known to mankind, especially a millennial, I regret a lot of fucking things, A LOT! Today we are going to some of those regrets before we start to cry and cry, so let’s start, shall we?
  • not studying literature/creative writing – this was my first choice of universities, but living in a country that I am currently in, we do not have a creative writing program, so literature was my second chance. Unfortunately, that would have required me to move to another city which my family couldn’t afford, so I settled for my third choice which was a mix of IT and business.
  • not moving out – I really don’t want to get into it, but I really regret not moving out when I turned 18, and it’s connected to the previous regret of not going to another city to study.
  • being lazy – I am too lazy to explain this one…
  • not starting a blog earlier – I actually did start one earlier, like in 2014 I think, but I lost interest really easily.
  • not writing more – if I stuck to my yearly plans each year, I would have 5 books written so far, and not 2 books half done and one with a few chapters.
  • not being able to travel – when you live in a pretty poor family that is not your priority for sure so as soon as I could afford to travel I took every chance.
  • not pursuing tennis/volleyball – I don’t like to brag but *flips hair* I used to be a very promising¬†volleyball player in middle school, since I was the tallest in my age group probably, but after starting high school again, my family couldn’t afford to pay for my memberships so I stopped. BUT, being a sports person that I was I started to play tennis more regularly and really, really got into it and now I regret not pursuing it professionally. Maybe one day…
  • not realizing some things earlier – I spoke about it in some of my previous posts around here so if you follow me you will know what I am talking about so I don’t want to repeat myself ūüôā
  • not resolving the family issue earlier
  • not going to therapy – I just don’t know of any good therapists in my city, even how expensive it might be so I don’t know anything right now and that frustrates me because I would really like to talk to a trained professional. I know a lot about psychology and I am very self-aware, but It’s never good to self-diagnose.
  • being born in this country…
22 songs
  • having to work¬†with¬†going to Uni– I have talked about this as well
  • not being confident in my abilities
  • not taking my chances – whether in work, or with my blog, or with university opportunities, but I always had such a busy schedule that I really don’t have much breathing room
  • not having as many chances– again, living in this country, you don’t have a lot of opportunities
  • poor friend selection over the years
  • caring too much about others opinions¬†
  • having people talk me out of things¬†
  • not learning Hungarian – I am Hungarian, so that’s a fact that you didn’t know, but I never learned the language, unfortunately, my parents didn’t teach me when I was younger and now it is really hard but I am trying :/
  • not having enough time – I really wish each and every day lasted for like a 100 hours, and I would probably not have enough time…
  • and last but not least – not changing myself earlier – over the last few years I have noticed that I have gone through some kind of metamorphoses, and I can only wish I was a lot more confident, open-minded, dedicated earlier, that I didn’t care so much about dumb people

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