This one is for the all who have craved attention ever since they were a child, and at times, I am one of ya’ll. Now, that doesn’t mean that my introversion allows me to be an “attention whore” but to those of you who can be one, here are some tips and tricks to achieveĀ being seen:
  • wear a lot of neon colors- I don’t know why, but people are really fascinated by other individuals who dress really colorful or have a weird hair color. If you want to stick out, I guess this is the easiest thing to do
  • run around town naked – surely a banger of a choice
  • post jokes on twitter – with a little bit of luck and if you are funny enough, you to could get noticed and propel yourself to stardom!
  • do artĀ 
  • do sports – if you are good and talented you will get noticed sooner or later, same as arts
  • yell random shit like “mayonnaise” in public – always works to be weird
  • pretend you are a Pokemon in school – you can choose for yourself, a guaranteed success!!
  • get a very ugly spray tan – and before you know it, people will be turning their heads on the streets after you
  • make a fool of yourself – there are so many forms and ideas that you can try out here that the possibilities are endless
  • make youtube videos – sooner or later, you will get noticed, by someone
  • start a blog- sooner or later, you will get noticed, by someone (RIGHT???)
22 things that will get you noticed.png
  • pretend to be a superhero for a day – run around town and pretend to save lives and you will definitely get noticed
  • contribute to a charity – people like people who help, but I do not condone this behavior if you are only doing it to get noticed, it should be because you want to help the community
  • do some kind of extreme sports in public
  • spread your deepest darkest secret all over town
  • always have some people with you that stick out and you will stick out by default!
  • stalk a celebrity – and if possible befriend them so you become famous too. The details of such a plan I will leave up to you
  • make people believe something about you that is not true and then blame it on someone else – like they say, bad publicity is still publicity, or something…
  • be unique!
  • be original!
  • and most importantly, be your true self!

2 Replies to “22 things that will get you noticed

  1. Ha ha ha! I have one for you, Realiti, a modification of #6. This is one I do every chance I get, especially if I have my daughter or son with me because it embarrasses the shit out of them. Anytime we’re in a public place and the power goes out suddenly and the lights all go out, I scream as loud and as long as I’m able. And I’ve explained to my kids that it’s a law of the universe: Anytime the lights go out, someone has to scream. Hee hee heee!

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