Let’s laugh today for a bit as well, until we have to succumb to everyday life and cry ourselves to sleep. Just me? Ok then…
  • be talented- I know it’s not an option to be or not to be, but for those of us who are not talented, I think we all wish it were
  • join a popular club and do as they tell ya to do
  • become a BTS minion- those are very popular on twitter
  • stand up for your beliefs – the sillier and less approved they are in our society, the better.
  •  do shit for people
  • have good ads on Instagram
  • have good ads on Facebook
  • have good ads on Twitter
  • heck, if you could, you should even advertise yourself on Tumblr as well. Why? Just for the hell of it guess.
  • Stand out from other people – I think this is pretty self-explanatory.
  • work work work
  • 22 things that will make you popularDon’t Try to Be Popular. – paradoxical, isn’t it? 
  • Humour – I guess it could help to be funny and comedic. Always helps to be the class clown, those are always popular.
  • Audition for a reality show. – with the popularity they have accumulated over the years, just being an extra will get you somewhat of a popularity. And! there are so many options out there that you really can’t go wrong anymore.
  • Work on a world record – make sure to end up in the news as well if you brutally fail!
  • Post a silly video – and then watch as your popularity grows.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. – those who trail and fail, never accumulate to anything, same goes for attention whores.
  • Dress to impress – do you, however you see fit. If you have a weird personality, the better!
  • Determine what you’re good at and what you like doing. – I guess this should have been put first on the list, I have just now remembered it but don’t want to edit the entire post because of my forgetfulness ( I surely won’t become popular because of this)
  • Create a personal website or blog – duh!
  • don’t forget to waste your time online and do nothing like me, it will surely make you popular amongst… the four walls of your room? I don’t know, I am not the expert

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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