The first thing is that you probably need to be smart as fuck and not waste time on the internet, but if you are really smart then you don’t need to listen to me saying this at all and you are already probably changing the world already, in which case you probably don’t have time to read this anyway, BUT YOU SHOULD!
  • No1 – for all us book lovers out there, glow in the dark ink! Imagine how easy would it be to read before falling asleep.
  • No2 – a device that shuts people up – in those situations where they won’t shut the fuck up and are annoying.
  • No3 – teleports – I am still waiting on those as I like to travel but HATE the act of traveling so this would be ideal for me
  • No4 – a machine that transforms any matter into pancakes or ice cream – for all of us foodies here, instant junk food is a must, and take out just takes too fucking long sometimes.
  • No5 – a reverse microwave – for instant freezing
  • No6 – everything running on solar panels, even your toilet
  • No7 – A Treadmill-Activated Internet Stream – I have found this in the amazing place that is the internet, and I honestly wish it were a thing
  • No8 Waterproof books – in addition to glow in the dark letters
  • No9 A mirror that saves past reflections – so you can cry yourself to sleep after seeing how much better looking you were all those years ago.
  • No10 A mirror that looks into the future/past – fuck fortune tellers, this is the real shit!
  • No11 sarcasm to be available as a font – so the people know what you mean when you are talking to them22 things that you could invent.png
  • No 12 – A coffee pot that brews up the perfect cup based on preset preferences and your handprint. – the internet is such a wonderful place
  • No13 A levitating sofa that stays put via a giant magnet – pretty much any levitating furniture is a must!
  • No 14 –  A memory foam chair that feels like floating on air.
  • No 15 – Forever hot coffee mug – sweet mother of Jesus!
  • No 16 Food printer – this one I really wish for the world, to end world hunger!
  • No 17 – Animal language translator – how awesome would it be to talk to our fuzzy little creatures? I am here for it
  • No 18 Dream-to-movie maker or dream-to-book maker – now this one I also saw on the internet and it would be so amazing, especially for those of us that have very vivid imagination.
  • No 19 A device that brings the user telekinetic powers
  • No 20 Floating island communities – or better yet, private island communities, imagine it, every introverts dream!
  • No 21 Good story building software – a writer’s best friend. I feel like it would be used so much that it would go out of stock, never to return, forever torturing those who did not get it in time. It will be traded on the black market, eventually becoming a currency and a thing that defines your class and position in society, ultimately granting you unlimited power.
  • No 22 Articles That Write Themselves: the eternal struggles of a blogger/writer would be forever gone! Cheers to that

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