Today’s topic in our blogging month of February will be more of a wish/checklist, something that I would like to do in my lifetime, I by no means am forcing you to do it too, but it’s more like an advice column or I don’t know (*cough* by someone who has done diddly squat so far, but oh well * cough* ). I like to think I know what I want to do in my life and that it’s not something that is really unique just for me, so I might as well share it with you guys!
The list starts with:
  • treating yourself – I guess this is kind of vague and all but a lot of people keep forgetting that they should do it and that being too much selfless can bring them harm sometimes.
  • visit the ocean – something that a lot of people haven’t done but really should, it’s so calming and peaceful, but I do understand that not everyone can take a vacation and I think that’s really unfortunate, but that is the world we live in…
  • buy the car you like – which goes along with
  • buy the apartment that you like – it goes without saying that again, not everyone can afford this two, but I wish that everyone could, that would be my only wish for this world that people didn’t have to worry if they would be able to do these things.
  • take a chance – sometimes you need to be brave and do the thing you are dreading to do and it might reward you
  • go out of your shell – something I am struggling with myself, I do not do things that are out of my comfort zone, but that all kind of ended with me starting a blog, and it might grow into something more, we shall see
  • conquer a FEAR – I personally have a fear of heights, so that is something that I will try to overcome in the upcoming years, HOPEFULLY (in the meantime I will pray to all the mighty gods that I just wake up one day totally unafraid of all the things I currently am)
  • flip someone off – I am told it feels good, I am yet to witness it but…
  • pretend to be a foreigner in your own country – I can only assume you can understand a whole lot better your own people once you see how they treat you as a foreigner. AND, it might be fun, you never know xD
  • go without sarcasm for a day – if you are a sarcastic person, that might be a struggle, but I know you can do it
  • or be overly sarcastic – if you are not, mix it up just because22 things that we should do once in our lives
  • be emotionless for a day – just for fun to see the reaction of some people, if possible record those moments and treasure them
  • give up on a dream (if you have too many like me) – at some point you just have to come to terms that being a professional tennis player will never happen, that you can’t be an astronaut if you are afraid of heights and that you cannot be a bestselling author because the odds are just against you, like they are against most people
  • troll people online for fun – now I did use to do this when I was younger, when I was bored there was this site that a troll was hosting a chatroom just for himself for some odd reason where he was trolling other people, so we basically did some good in the end but stopped when my friend and I got exposed for being silly kids that we were (he found us from another site we were regulars on and his was banned from pretty much everywhere). Mini story time I guess 😉
  • make up with a person from your past – something I might do when drunk on a blue moon
  • travel alone – I actually did do this but only short distance, I am really looking forward to traveling to for example Norway and going all on my own.
  • do a marathon – on my wishlist for this year actually (well sorta, it’s going to be a half marathon)
  • go camping – I DESPISE even the thought of it but it might be fun, sort of, if it doesn’t rain
  • do a “yes to everything” day – but only if you have normal not shitty friends
  • write a letter to yourself – I think that’s kind of cute 
  • leave a mark- well this you can only do once in your life, so make sure to do it

5 Replies to “22 things you and I should do at least once in our lives

  1. Nice! I have done 1 – 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, and I’d like to think 22 but maybe not on as grand a scale as you’re imagining. I may someday attempt 14 & 16, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever try 9, 12, 17, 19, or 21. Thanks for the engaging post!

      1. Probably the best decision I’ve ever made is to fully commit to my wife and to developing and strengthening our relationship by always being willing to listen, consider deferring to her wishes, and forgive, forgive. If you want something a little more simple than that, I’d have to say, like Bishop Desmond Tutu does, you must be willing to forgive your transgressors if they sincerely apologize and seek forgiveness.

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