— Guest post by Jade Maiden from jadelmwrites.wordpress.com —
Whether you are a poet or a story-teller – or both, here are 22 ‘Three Word Prompts’ to get your brain working!
And with each one of these, you could delve into the world of horror and madness, or, make something light and fluffy and beautiful (You just have to use your imagination a little!) Let’s just get on with the list and let your imagination flow!
  1. We’re not alone
  2. It’s over there
  3. I live here
  4. What about us
  5. I died today
  6. She hit me
  7. I was hungry
  8. I did it
  9. She left us
  10. I love you
  11. I buried it
  12. At least I tried
  13. He broke it
  14. I hope not
  15. It really hurt
  16. I broke down
  17. I found it
  18. She watched it
  19. They were bullies
  20. It stung me
  21. I was wrong
  22. It’s my birthday

First guest post from guest post week by Jade Maiden from jadelmwrites.wordpress.com.

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