Being that we gave ourselves a middle month hiatus, today’s topic is one I spend most of my time on – binge watching the fuck out of TV shows :3 So I am going to give ya a list of shows that I loved and probably so have you xD
  • FRIENDS – I rewatch them everytime they are on, in my humble opinion, it’s the greatest sitcom ever
  • Charmed -a blast from the past, a TV show I really enjoyed when I was a kid and later on in my younger teens, currently thinking of rewatching it again
  • How I met your mother – I was never really that interested in this show at the start, but once I gave it a shot, I watched the entire thing in less then a week if I remember correctly. Whoops.
  • Skam – the great Norwegian teen drama, a lookalike to the British Skins, which I adored. It addressed all of the issues, but kind of in a sophisticated matter, if that makes sense
  • Stranger things – I jumped on the bandwagon during the first season!
  • One tree hill – another blast from the past and a show I really really enjoyed with so many likable characters
  • Skins – like I said already, LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Shameless – this is on my to watch list, but the UK version, not the US
  • Baby daddy – a great comedy that I enjoyed in the recent years, sadly it ended too soon without any real closure for me
  • Boy meets world and Girl Meets world – I first started watching the Disney show and even though it’s arguably a kids show, I think it’s the best one Disney ever did. It has so many great messages for kids about friendship and finding yourself in your teens and I just loved every bit of it which is why I watched the prequel and I enjoyed that as well, I got a better sense of the story and learned a lot more of the characters as well
  • 13 reasons why – I don’t think I need to explain this, you probably heard all about it, but it’s definitely worth the watch ( and read!)22 TV shows.png
  • Sense 8 – a show that was canceled too early and I am furious, it was one of, if not the best, sci-fi TV shows I have ever watched, great story, great characters, everything was great.
  • Web therapy- a TV show that stars Lisa Kudrow as a psychiatrist that has three-minute sessions over Skype as a new modality to “healing” but most of the time it’s just crazy good improve and a really good show
  • Crazy-Ex Girlfriend – starring Rachel Bloom, a great comedy/musical that I have learned to enjoy and eagerly await every new episode!
  • Grey’s anatomy- honestly makes me want to be a doctor some days of the week
  • Game of Thrones
  • Westworld – I am yet to watch this one, but it was highly recommended to me so we shall see
  • American Horror Story – a great concept where each season we have something new. I have not watched all season, but the ones I have I have been highly satisfied
  • How to get away with murder- another to watch and recommended, I watched a few episodes on TV and I like it so far, but it seems rather really complicated
  • Black Mirror – another to watch
  • Orphan Black- now this, THIS tops the cake as the best sci-fi show I have ever watched. It follows a project of cloning where the main character, who is played by the great Tatiana Maslany, has many “sisters” and they fight for their lives and to stop the project owners so to say from eliminating them all as a failed experiment
There you have it, those shows I can highly recommend, so if you have a hard time picking what to watch next, use my list, I hope it brings you tears, whether of joy or from sadness, cuz there will inevitably be both.
See ya tomorrow with another exciting blog post that might make you laugh!

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