There is no scientific evidence to support my claims (yet), but I have observed that a lot of videos on youtube that have been labeled as parodies do weird things to the brains and the whole organisms of haters. Now I by no means claim that this is the only reason, but most of them crawl out of their caves or basements to bestow their ungranted wisdom and point out the faults in parodies, whether it being racism, misogyny, hypocrisy, hating on the planet etc etc. Now let’s see what you are doing wrong (or right, depending on what is your ultimate goal, if you are a professional troll, do you)
  • use “PARODY” in the title – this attracts them like flies to horse manure 
  • use the word “PARODY” every know or then in your video/blog post
  • write in a sarcastic manner – it’s almost a given that you need to be fluent in sarcasm in order for them to unleash their full wrath on you
  • use jokes – possibly that only you or a small group of people will understand at all, so they feel left out and infuriated
  • apologies often – ” I am DEFINITELY not hating” you will say, but they will know you are mocking them and will be even more aggressive
  • that’s about it, people will still get offended, it’s 2018. They’ll get offended just because I thought they would get offended like ” I am not offended, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I AM NOT OFFENDED IN THE A WORDY LETTER DOWN IN THE COMMENTS JUST TO SHOW YOU!”
  • The cycle never ends
  • GOOD LUCK 😉22 ways the word _PARODY_ will attract%2Frepel haters (2).png

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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