If there is anything I have learned over the years it’s how to turn words into insults, cuz god knows I have had a lot of practice, fortunately, or not. Now, I do not guarantee 22 ways to get away with such a task, but hey, I am writing this on a whim, an hour before I have to leave for work so let’s see what miracle you will see tomorrow ( or will have seen by the time it… posts, I don’t know, future times are confusing for me).
Also, the fact that there were so many articles on the internet on this topic but not on many other’s I have done forย this blogging month, really shows the true nature of human beings.
  • be sarcastic – when sarcasm is your main trait or you use it a lot of the time, people assume you are joking and you can get away with it
  • say ” no offense” – now I don’t know about you, but when someone starts a sentence with no offense I just know that insults are coming my way and I despise those words… BUT, some people use them well as a disguise and it can work, if you are a criminal mastermind.
  • tell all the insults on April 1st – people will assume you are just joking and you can get away with it.
  • use the other person’s frustration
  • say “nobody asked for your opinion” and just walk away
  • after they hit back, say that you are just defending yourself when you come for their wigs

    22 ways to get away with insulting people (1).png

That’s as far as my list goes on for today! Let me know of some ideas in the comments below and it will be added! Be sure to check out some other articles from blogging month, and give this post a like if it made you laugh a bit at least. If you like what you have read, follow my blog via WordPress or via email as well. Love ya!

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