*** in memory of the famous The Cranberries singer – Dolores O’Riordan ***
So I really had no intention of doing this today, I had another idea planned, written and ready to be posted, but finding out today that one of my idols and reasons why I got interested into this type of music past away, I feel like I need to record this, for me, for my sake.
I did want to post this early in the morning cuz statistically speaking posting earlier in the day gets you more views and whatnot, but I don’t care about that at the moment.
I didn’t know about Dolores O’Riordan for a very long time, and I definitely did not know much about her private life, or anything really outside of her music. I never was the biggest of fans because I do not know every Cranberries song to this day, but thanks to a great show “Charmed” I started investing the artists and groups that were features in the show, one of them being The Cranberries. The first song that I heard was “Just my imagination” and I simply fell in love with her voice, it was unique and I think no one will ever have that demeanor and emotion. Every time I hear “Linger” I cannot feel anything else but sadness and I feel like crying, now even more so.
She was the voice of her generation and mental illness awareness is probably the thing that is most talked about these days that does not bring anything better. You never do know who is next or when you are next, it just takes you unexpectedly. Even though it was not confirmed while she has left us, I have learned today that she has had a history of mental illnesses, but she looked like a goddess on stage that I never would have guessed it.
I tried to listen to Linger today especially, as a memoriumĀ I guess and I couldn’t make myself do it. I do not remember being struck by someone’s death as much as I was today, I am even holding back tears as I try to write this.
I am saddened by her early departure of this planet, but I know as someone who is also sometimes in a dark place that she might have felt some sort of relief leaving us, as some who struggle with depression do. We see a lot of the negative stuff that is happening and it is sometimes a relief when we don’t have to feel that anymore, or think about not feeling it. It’s all very fucked up, isn’t it?
One of the greatest voices of my generation died today, and I would like this to serve as a reminder to not neglect my fragile mental health and help others who might be struggling, whether by smiling, talking to them, acknowledging their existence or their passions… there are so many things that need to be done, and I don’t think we are ready, but who knows if we ever will be…
You will be missed, you were an inspiration and I cannot believe you are no longer with us.



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