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Continuing my post from a few weeks ago, I thought it would be only fair if I wrote my heaven as well. Mind you, there are far fewer things I need that what I hate and it’s far less entertaining.
My personal heaven would be able and there would always be food to eat. You could eat as much as you can and you won’t get fat!
It’s OK to be weird, to be the kid that’s different. We value individuality.
Everything I wrote would be well received and liked (a bit of a stretch I know). I would always be inspired to create. Time wouldn’t exist, so you have an eternity’s worth of time to accomplish all the things you want.
There is no one whistling on the streets or people who litter. There are no vices, everything is allowed and there is no judgment of any kind. If you are a sex worker, do you! (literally). If you are a crack addict, be one at your own risk, just remember, you have an entire eternity to change.
No one would get hurt in any way. People are supportive and believe that by being supportive they get support back by all of their endeavors. 
You would always have something to say, whether it is to a total stranger or your best friend. You always add value to their lives. It is a lot easier to find like-minded people.
There are no limitations, not even the sky. It’s all p to you. You can always hear your favorite song in the elevator.
There are always watermelons to be bought at the supermarket, the same as your favorite flavor of ice cream.
You do NOT know the meaning of the words PROBLEM or HATE, cuz there is none.
Come to think of it, all of this sounds like utopia. If only that was the realiti


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