To a different state of mind. I want another view on my life, on my surroundings, on everything I have done so far.
Take me downtown – to a new land, an unexplored territory so I can find new and exciting things to explore, to learn something new, to flourish and grow. New places, new spaces, new feelings, new thoughts.
Go for a ride.
Take my heart and soul. Take my body, take it all. Take it downtown.
Drive the car all night. I want to visit every part of the world. There are so many experiences everywhere, why miss out on them all?
It’s a never-ending circle. I want everything. I  want everything.
I have never crossed the line.
I have so much to see. Downtown is the place to be.
I don’t want to be blind anymore. Pass that line. It’s too easy. You will like it too.
Venture down to build yourself up. If you go down, you have only one direction to take afterward.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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