I am by no means a popular person, nor do I want to or will ever be. This is a product of my imagination and what I can only assume being popular looks like to a lot of the people that are popular worldwide.


If you are at all involved in the community which we all call “Humans” you might have been force-fed at least once in your life the idea of being popular. Now, I do not condone┬áthis idea in any way, but that is the realiti where we all live in. Everyone wants to be the next big thing, everyone secretly hopes to be recognized on the streets and I don’t blame anyone, it’s how we have been brought up.
We see all these famous people getting everything they want, sliding through life as if it’s nothing, while you and I, unpopular and asocial little fuckers, had to work and cry while working for everything we have accomplished and everything we have that we can say are ours.
But do we really know what behind the idea of being popular? Do we know their struggles, their suicide attempts and their constant anxiousness of being discovered doing something that might hurt their brand?
The constant struggles and dark thoughts that you are not allowed to do something you want, that you always have to dress a certain way and behave a certain way??? I can’t even be forced to not wear the clothes I sleep in to the grocery, let alone wear something I hate, or if someone told me to stop being sarcastic cuz it can hurt someone’s feeling I would be like “Ok, buy them tissues so they can cry like a baby in their spare time”.
AND THE FANS! Oh dear lord, some of us fans can be quite exhausting (and yes, I am using US in this sentence because I am a fan of a lot of things as I am sure we all are).
Also, can someone imagine what it is like for some attention whores out there who want to be famous but are not no matter what they try, so they create a million fake accounts to bash themselves so they look like the victims and people start feeling sorry for them?
Imagine taking it a step further. You even start your own hate club from one of the fake accounts and start bashing yourself even harder and then you use another fake account to start a “Let’s love XY because they receive unnecessary hate” fan club and instantly it gains so much attention that you yourself start getting noticed by the public as well, and your singing/acting/performing/etc skills are finally noticed.
Imagine also having to pay someone to stalk you just to bring scandals to the yellow pages, so that people will talk about you.
And all the marketing and self-promotion one needs to do to even be remotely relevant… I wonder how people who are introverted and anxious like me are able to do it…
What a sad life to have when you can’t be yourself because someone tells you that THAT self won’t be loved or appreciated. Like, fuck this shit I’m out…
I guess that for every good thing there also needs to be something bad as well, but do the good outweighs the bad in this case. For some people, it might, but a lot of the time it’s too big of a hustle. I don’t want that for myself.

This is today’s post, and the last realiti check I will be posting this year! *SHOOK* So since my next post will be another poem or short story, I wish you all happy holidays, to enjoy what’s left of 2017 and wave goodbye to the mother fucker as we all prepare for what 2018 might hold for us.
My last post is poem No11 – FAITHLESS! Check it out! Comment below what your explanations might be!
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