Every day is a struggle, and every day is a battle. Life is a battlefield. There are multiple obstacles, multiple hurdles to jump over and you can be more or less successful where a lot of people fail.
There are all of these things that are expected of you by a certain time, by a certain period, it seems like everything has a deadline, every battle needs to be fought in a certain time and there are all of these ways to fail, to get wounded on the battlefield. It’s so easy to fail, to succeed is what’s hard.
I hope that every one of us have our own measures of success, that we have different paths, some of us will crawl through the wires and mud, some of us will need to survive in the trenches for far too long, while some of us will be provided with camels to pass through the desert a lot easier than others. That’s just how life is.


It doesn’t mean if you are in the mud that you should stop working hard because one person got a camel, or that you should leave yourself to die in the trench just because one person got a jeep to go to the safari in the jungle. It means that your path will inevitably be harder, but that is no reason to give up.
At some point, you just need to bite your tongue and ignore all the unfairness in the world and just suck it up (and believe me, this is hardest for me too because if anything, I would like the unfairness and privilege) and continue your own battles. You have bigger problems to worry about in your life that the obstacles that have been presented in front of you.
We have a lot of time to fix things, to fight our own battles and once we get out of the desert, or maze, or course, we can maybe start picking other people up from those situations as well. Once we are all comfortable with our positions, don’t worry, life will find a way to fuck it all up once again and we will start the cycle all over again.
That is why it is important to stay united on the battlefield and avoid casualties.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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